Harbor Freight Dust Collection Mod : Part 2

The Support Structure

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In this installment of the dust collection modification I build a support structure for the impeller, thein baffle, and chip bin. The entire structure is made from 2×4 dimensional lumber.

How to Build It

This part of the modification begins at the miter saw. All of the individual pieces are cut to length.

The primary fastening method used to attached all of the frame pieces is pocket holes. I drill pocket holes into all the required pieces using my Kreg Forman.

With all of the pocket holes drill I begin assembling the structure. Each joint has glue added before the pocket holes are secured. Please reference the plans for any and all layout related questions. Two assemblies are built at this point in the build. They are mirror opposites.

To mark the location of the center brace I used my carpenters square and a pencil.

Both of the sides assemblies are joined together with cross braces. Those cross braces are cut to length at the miter saw.

Pocket holes are again used to fasten the cross braces to the side assemblies.

To reinforce the structure and bring it into square, well at least as much as possible, I cut triangular corner braces. This is done at the miter saw.

Holes with countersinks are drilled to attach the corner braces.

With that complete the impeller motor needs something to be secured to. I create a platform of sorts directly above the frame out of more 2×4’s. These pieces are cut to length at the miter saw.

The platform pieces are fastened to the frame with pocket holes. Some are just attached with standard screws that have been pre-drilled and countersunk.

These uprights will be used to secure the motor.

These cross braces will carry the weight of the motor and impeller.

Finally the impeller and motor are attached to the uprights with screws and fender washers. That’s it for this portion of the build. Part three will address the fine dust filter and the entire modification will be tested.


Thanks for reading! Below you can find affiliate links to the tools and products I used in this project. If you are interested in supporting my efforts, clicking my affiliate links goes a long way and I greatly appreciate any support that I receive. Also, you can find a downloadable plan for this project if you’re looking to modify one of these for yourself.




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