Powermatic 54HH Jointer

Buying a new Powermatic 54HH Jointer had been something I was working towards for a long time. My previous jointer was an old Delta 6" and I constantly fought the fence, trying to keep it at 90-degrees. It had been damaged before I acquired it and my attempts at fixing it proved unfruitful. I tried many things including manufacturing my own replacement parts, unfortunately I have zero metal working skills or tools and my efforts were unsuccessful.

Finally, I came across an unlikely funding source and was able to purchase my 6" Powermatic 54HH jointer. I chose to go with this 6" helical head model because, honestly I had no use for an 8" and I didn't have the electrical setup in my garage to support a 220 volt machine. Someday I will own a larger one, if the need arises, but for now this one will do just fine. I went with Powermatic because it was the only brand that I could find that had a 6" model with most of the features I was looking for in the 8" models.

The embedded video above elaborates on all these topics and shows you how I put this jointer together. I didn't want to do an unboxing video and usually have no interest in watching them myself but I was so excited I made one anyways. Thank you for reading and watching, if you did both or either, and If you want to support my efforts here on my website please take the time to subscribe to my social media accounts.