Q: Are you a full-time or professional woodworker?

I am not. This is 100% a hobby for me, I am actually in the IT trade. I got my start working for the U.S. Navy as an Information Systems Technician where I reached the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class (E5) before leaving the service. That being said, I do hope that I can turn my hobby into a part-time business someday.

Q: I’d Like to show my support, how can I go about do so?

The easiest way for you to show your support for what I do is to like, follow, or subscribe to my social media accounts. I am the most active on Instagram and YouTube but I also have a Pinterest account. As far as monetary help for my efforts I currently don’t have a way for people to donate money to me directly or indirectly. In the future I plan on setting up a Patreon account but I haven’t yet gotten around do doing so.

Q: Why do you charge for some of your woodworking plans?

The answer to this is simple, I am trying to fund my efforts in the workshop because materials, finishing products, and hardware add up when you are building a piece of furniture or what have you. In order to offset some of that cost, I decided to charge a small amount for some of my more popular plan downloads. Not all of my plans will be paid plans however, I will still offer some of them for free. The plans I do request payment for are more detailed than the free ones, I figured if people are paying for them they might as well get something extra for their money.

Q: Is your shop in your home or a commercial building?

My shop is in my home. I currently rent my home and have set up shop in our two car garage. It is roughly 20′ x 22′ and is finished inside with insulation and OSB plywood.

Q: What kind of filming equipment and software do you use?

I am currently using a Nikon D5100 DSLR, Canon Rebel T6i and a GoPro Hero 4 to film my YouTube videos. I have a custom built editing computer that I built and I have Adobe Premier Pro CC installed to do all my editing.