My Story


I thought I would start off by saying I am a completely self taught woodworking, DIY'r, maker, or whatever people like me are calling our selves these days. My road to woodworking began many years ago when my mother, who was an awesome do-it-yourselfer as well, had me tag along with her on her many projects. Over the years my desire to have my own workshop grew but I never seemed to be in the right place at right time and have the financial means to buy the tools I would need to get started. After 8 years in the military and four years of college I was presented with the opportunity to somewhat inherit all of my parents tools that they had acquired while rehabbing my childhood home. Being that all of these tools were simply wasting away in the back of my parents garage I convinced them to let me take the tools off there hands.

Since that day I have had three workshops, each one larger than the previous, and have progressively acquired more tools when my budget allowed for it. I started on my YouTube journey shortly after moving into the first house I was able to rent. It had a very small, less than one car, garage that barely fit my table saw and workbench into it comfortably. I was in that workshop for about one year before moving into a much bigger work space. Unfortunately, due to my roommate situation I was unable to utilize that shop for what it could have been. After another year sharing my workshop with other people I moved once more and finally have a full two car garage workshop. Due to all the moving and uncertainty my YouTube channel has seen very infrequent postings and often long periods of time in between new video releases. Now that I have settled into a new house and a new workshop I hope to change that going forward.

My goals for woodworking are simple in that I hope to do it full time someday and make a comfortable living producing custom furniture for clients on a commission basis. This is a very long term goal for me because there is still a lot I need to teach myself before embarking down that road. I have come a long way in the last year and a half and hope to keep getting better at this hobby of mine.

I like many woodworkers dream of the ultimate workshop and it is my hope that within the next few years I can own my own house and finally setup my final workshop and work out of it for may years. I will likely never be a full-time YouTube content creator and will likely not put project videos out every week but if you have read this far I hope that you keep an eye out for my videos while surfing YouTube. I say this because although these may be facts the videos I will produce, I can promise, will be entertaining and informative.

I am an social media person and am most active on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. If your interested in following my day to day activities I suggest following me on Instagram. There I post progress shots of things I am working on and the goings on in my workshop. I will also be posting sneak peaks of upcoming videos that I will release via YouTube.

Thank you for reading,

Kyle Cameron